Air Filter Services for Commercial Properties

AirFiltrate provides HVAC services for small and large commercial businesses in Phoenix, Arizona including restaurants, health clubs, and churches. We manufacture products for clients in the medical, tech, industrial, manufacturing, and retail industries.

We customize air filters of various sizes for a wide range of applications. Whether you need a filter for a one-unit building or a complex filtration system for multi-structure shopping and medical centers, we are ready to accommodate your demands.

Driven by Perfection and Professionalism

Our exceptional and reasonably priced services have earned us 5-star ratings as well as numerous testimonials, references, and recommendations. We also conduct random quality control inspections to maintain our standard of excellence.


Overview of Our Company

We are a small veteran-owned and operated company with no layers of management. Hence, when you have a question or concern, it is addressed directly and swiftly by our management team.

Our team is composed of qualified and insured technicians who value promptness, honesty, and reliability. We also provide our employees with two full months of supervised field training.

Additional Services

We provide additional services at no extra charge. Our technicians brush all drop-door return grilles as necessary and replace any worn or missing panel screws for roof package units.

Our filter techs also keep an eye out for broken belts, frozen coils, leaking pans, missing or damaged doors, and vandalism. We take note of obvious damages to your building and make it a point to immediately report these issues to you.

Our Process

Our procedure is optimized for quick, efficient, and stress-free transactions. Generally, it involves the following steps:

  • Notify us of a property you would like us to look at.
  • We will gather basic information about access and occupancy. We will then schedule a field evaluation of all air filters.
  • Our manager will personally conduct the on-site air filter inspection. This includes an evaluation of filters in the roof package unit, split system, and return grille.
  • Once we gather all the necessary information, we will provide you with a written service proposal detailing our findings and recommendations. This report will also include a quote for our services.

Partner With Our Experts Today

Changing your air filters on a regular basis reduces utility bills, minimizes the cost of coil and duct cleaning, and diminishes the wear and tear of your A/C system. Book our services to enhance the performance of your HVAC units.